VOL. 2

My inspiration truly comes from all things floral: A beautiful salad with fresh pansies, a Venetian glass doorknob at a boutique hotel in Florence, a pair of cool suede boots with an embroidered vine…I see floral motifs literally everywhere I look and I'm finally ready to put pen to paper  - well, more like fingers to the keyboard.  I'm over-the-moon to share with you my adoration for flowers!

For those with a penchant for four-leaf clovers, but not exactly a green thumb, try this one on for starters.  I doubt I need to even introduce this luxury French jewelry brand, Van Cleef & Arpels, as this clover motif is now quite the staple item around town.  This Alhambra clover bracelet, set in rich yellow gold and deep green malachite, was the color combination inspired by the Vintage Alhambra necklace offered by Prince Rainier to Princess Grace of Monaco in the 1970s.   You too can feel as lucky as a princess.

To be inspired, look around. You will find it in the least expected places at unexpected times. Creativity will follow, but it won't come unless you keep all your senses open. Train your eyes to pick up shapes, your nose to smell everything, your fingers to touch what you see, your ears to listen to those everyday sounds…something will grab you and inspire you to greater heights.


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